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I remember that music accompanies my life since the very beginning of my childhood. My first touch with metal music was when I was 6 years old through Metallica’s black album and hits by Guns N Roses. My musical appetite progressively changed, I started to listen to US brutal death metal only to find my terminus in melodic layers of metal music. Then came that crucial year 1997, year when "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" by Dimmu Borgir was released, album that marks my dream to play on strings/piano. In 2004, this childhood dream came true, since I had the honor to be the co-founder of this Weeds thing, which music was mainly based on keyboard motives. A lot of things happened since then, some were good, some were really bad, but it doesn’t matter, I am truly happy that this machinery still goes on and I’m living my dream through it, because April Weeps is like a child to me…

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