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My journey towards (metal) music started quite similar as to the others’ did. A friend of mine at this summer camp was like: “Hey, ever heard of this band?” and he just played to me the first metal music I ever heard. It just left me speechless. I came home from the camp, looked up that band, looked up a couple of more of them and it just started... Few years later, when I already was a metal-head, but still maybe 15 years old, the guys I was hanging out with back then, all played an instrument and were talking about forming a band. Guys were guitarists, there was also a drummer. I never learned how to play an instrument, never actually thought about it, but at that very moment, I wanted to be in a band more than anything else. So I thought I'd try to growl. The band was formed, we rented a garage in the vicinity of our homes and started to play. It wasn't much, be we had that awesome feeling. The band even made it to a recording, but after that, it got separated. As for me, I learned a thing or two about growling in there, but not much, since it was a garage band formed by a bunch of kids, we never had real ambitions, we were just doing our thing and that was that. After that, I was 2 years or so without a band. I kept practicing from time to time, but mostly I stagnated. And then a friend of mine asked me, if I still wanted to growl and that she knows about this band called April Weeps. So I came to the audition and they played me a couple of songs. I was amazed, I've not heard something that good and Slovak at the same time. After that, I growled a song we agreed on a few days back. And then it happened. The guys took me in, even that I was really horrible at growling at that time. They said, that if I can get better, they will be happy to let me join. I tried to do my best and well, I'm still here... It's been one amazing ride since then and I really hope, it's just getting started…

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