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It all started ages ago, when I did not even speak yet, and as a baby I was screaming my throat out. I could imagine how my mother could have been happy about that. It continued as expected – art school, folk dances, choir... I went through different stages – Slovak folk, Hungarian folk, classical music, choir/solo, popular music and also rock versions of the songs. I liked “heavier” music the most, what that time rock represented to me. One day I was offered a leading role in a rock opera, which I took for the next 5 years and it gave me a lot. The turning point came when I felt the need to move on from the theatre and at the same time AW was searching for a vocalist. Gradually I was gaining the feeling, that this is the music, which I did not get into touch because of some strange circumstances. But then I finally found my place in a bomb shelter (that is actually our rehearsal place) among nutjobs similar to me.

I see April Weeps as a harbor of the described journey and the childhood dreams coming true. When I used to perform solo and felt quite alone on the stage, I was wishing to become a part of a band. There was just something missing. Music that way didn't have the balls.

This band means a parallel world to me, a haven, a source of my energy.

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