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I remember the first time I could hear something extraordinary. Something, that was uncommon in public at that time. Once, when I was a boy, I stayed up one night longer to watch television. As I was switching the programs, looking for something that would catch my eye, I stopped at some music channel. I will now describe the feelings I‘ve had from the song, that was just at its beginning. At first glance, I realized that I’ve been watching a huge, theatrical concert with unique atmosphere in which the music moved in strange, strongly melodic lines and which had been played to several thousand people in the audience. The singer of the band was something I’ve never heard anything alike before. To drums - in music known to me at that time - I’ve been completely oblivious. I remember also the bass player, aiming his bass guitar into the audience, at the people who were singing along with the band. It was a concert of Iron Maiden at Donnington '88. I’ve said to myself: "What a pity that no one plays such music anymore." I was about 10 years old. Oh, how much I’ve been wrong.

What followed? My mother’s old acoustic guitar, rusty strings, excercise through blood and sweat, determination, bands, concerts, people, cities, places ...

I’ve joined the April Weeps in early 2016. I will continue as a part of the band with the enthusiasm of the 10 year old boy in myself.

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