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I started to deal with music as a student in an art school, where I took piano lessons for three years. I absorbed the guitar play few years later, when I was seventeen, with a decision that I’ll handle the bass guitar. After many considerations my opinion little bit changed and I found myself lost in the beauty of lead guitar. Although the guitar is quite different type of musical instrument than I studied, the indulgence for the piano still persisted. During my musical career, long before I joined April Weeps, I was involved in some local bands that improved my guitar play and crystallized my relationship to the music. When I joined "April Weeds" (actually that was the name of the band upon my arrival) I handled the bass guitar, but after the departure of the lead guitarist, I was the one for the job and this post still remains. April Weeps’ music?

… it is its rich emblazonry that I like the most, thanks to the many idols we appreciate, we growed up with and we play on our sound systems.

P.S.: Symphony No. 9 in D-minor, Op. 125

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